About our toast.

by- Mason Wilder Nov. 6th 2018

Madison Park Bakery has been baking in Seattle for over 80 years. Bedlam has been using just one of the items they are known for, our Cinnamon Swirl Toast could not be what it is without Terry and Karen, there simply is no where else we could get it.

The bakery started back in 1929, Terry and Karen have been running it since 1993. Still baking everything from scratch, they are THEE place to go for hot cross buns at the holidays, cream cake rats at Halloween, and cookies, donuts, and danish all the time. Our Eight Grain bread is their’s as well. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, etc…you know full on neighborhood bakery where kids in pig tails STILL run in and ask for the pinkest cookie in the case. (Course these days you can opt for some Unicorn Poop if your in the mood, I’ve never been, but you can get that here too.)

Interested in whole loaves of our amazing Cinnamon Swirl Bread? Well jump over the hill to Madison Park Bakery and grab ya one, then wander over to the park and sit by the lake and eat it right outta the bag in bog torn off chunks…yes, yes I have actually done this very thing, I’m not ashamed.

Madison Park Bakery is at:

4214 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112 in the Madison Park Neighborhood alongside Lake Washington.

Closed on Mondays.

Phone: (206) 322-3238 Online: https://madisonparkbakery.net