About Off Menu Items;

by Mason Wilder Nov. 4th 2018

What are off menu items? In the simplest terms off menu items are secret items that are often made up by regular customers and/or long time employees. Often times a customer will create a special drinks for themselves, then another customer may be looking for something different, the earlier customers creation gets suggested, and there ya go, Off Menu Item born. Some off menu items are the original creations of employees, with access to all the ingredients and encouragement to experiment they can come up with some great ones, sometimes the most elaborate off menu items are those born in house. Off menu items are not unique to Bedlam Coffee, many bars have off menu items, some restaurants, particularly in the higher end markets, have whole off menu menus for special high paying guests. We don’t have anything like that.

We’ll start with one of the newest and most outrageous off menu items available at Bedlam Coffee. Created by two employees Matt and JT and sure to hit some people as a step to far, and others as one that was long overdue. Unless you’ve been living under a pile of fall leaves, you’ve heard of Pumpkin Spice Lattes by now, but I bet you’ve never heard of a Pumpkin Pie Latte. It is exactly as the name implies, a slice of Pumpkin Pie, smashed up and steamed with milk, dense shortbread crust and all. The resulting beverage, garnished with a thin slice of pie as well, is as completely a slice of liquid Pumpkin Pie as it is a Perfect Latte, add the whip cream to the top and well, if you are a Pumpkin Pie fan, you won’t be disappointed in this remarkable beverage. Be warned adventurers, this is a top shelf, high end, exclusive drink, and it’s priced accordingly, hitting the 10$ latte mark easily.

Not all the off menu items at Bedlam are secret dietary indulgences, some are care based. Occasionally someone will wander into the shop looking for some hot tea, or something to help open their sinus’ up. Their sick, sore throat, coughing, you know, sick. We have an off menu item for that. Steamed lemonade with honey, sometimes with cinnamon. Soothing and comforting, the lemon cuts through the sinus, and the honey helps coat you throat so your body can cough naturally without so much damage. Need a little more, kick this up buy steeping spearmint tea in the lemonade, phew if that don’t cut through it you should be hospitalized. The steamed lemonade with honey is also really great for singers, not uncommon to see a certain famous vocalist in here sipping hot lemonade before a set at the Crocodile that’s almost just across the street from Bedlam.

At least one of Bedlam’s main menu drinks actually was born as an off menu item, The Nutella Mocha, now a staple of our specialty menu the Nutella Mocha started as an employee drink, a messy hard to make employee drink. That employee started talking them up to his regulars and in no time employees that knew nothing about it were being asked to make “that Nutella thing”. After a summer of that we added it to the regular menu and the rest is history.

Another regular menu item that was born as an off menu, but not here, it was an off menu item the owner started making 25 years ago and still feels guilty getting people hooked on. The French Toast Latte is maybe the richest, creamiest thing ever made on an espresso machine, described by all who have it, “Like drinking french toast with lots of butter and syrup and cinnamon.” One of those drinks that, if you have to ask how many calories it has, you shouldn’t order it.

Chaider is a customer creation, a seasonal off menu item only available during the months we have Hot Cider and Hot Caramel Cider. Approach it just as you would a Chai Latte, but instead of milk, you add cider. It’s difficult to describe the taste, it’s every bit Bedlam’s Masala Chai with all of it’s power intact, but with the apple under and surrounding it all. You just have to try it. Another quite regular off menu Chai drink is the Dirty Chai. Just a Chai Latte with a shot of espresso added.

Maybe your looking for an off menu tea beverage, the London Fog is an old off menu item, around at least as long as coffee shops in Seattle.  Take our amazing Early Gray Bravo Tea steeped in steamed milk and add a half shot of Monin Vanilla syrup.

Nutella image : Nutella | by brianc