or, A Monkey Finds a home.

and then paints it red and sets about filling it with all kinds of crazy people and things.

By Mason Wilder, Nov. 2018

Bedlam has been lucky enough to have a brilliant poster artist in house. Over the years Chris has created a wide array of images for holiday’s, anniversaries, or special product highlights.

Chris is also the creator of the Bedlam Monkey, the mascot in a red fez you may have spotted here and there. These first posters all feature said monkey.

But the poster fun doesn’t stop there, oh no… We’ve been cranking out posters for 10 years now, and really they have all been great. As Varied as our customers you might say, or you could just say it’s pure Bedlam.

Whether produced for light poles around the city, or large scale promotion in the store the series, if you wanted to call it that has only just begun to reveal itself, Chris has tipped his hand as to his favored genre, and he’s been let loose to do so, for the most part.

Some have just been for the pure fun of it….

Posting these is the first time I’ve seen them all together, Damn we have really been lucky having him around, from buttons to standees on the counter, to 100’s of posters all over the city, ads too (maybe I’ll dig some of those up as well.)

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have us screw up one of your drinks, in which case you’ve already seen our “oops cards” Did you cash it in?

Even Articulated Posters/Characters have graced our windows, walls, and poles.

These were stickers, and possibly still are one inch buttons some where. (We support all these messages)

Don’t let your friends back home be left out, put some Bedlam right in their box. Or a Beautiful Belltown postcard for your beautiful friend.

Scrolling through these can you not wait to see what comes next? me neither.

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Designer: Chris Connors