What is this place?

What you make it.

Well what we’re about right now is, getting this web page put back together…nothing more dangerous to a website than a dabbler you know…

You may be exposed to some non “bedlamy” stuff if you poke around too much, but it’s coming together, stay tooned.

Bedlam is a coffee house in as true a sense as we can muster, a throw back to early 80’s Seattle, a nod back to 1400’s Vienna, and a look back at 50’s Village cool.


Here’s some instagram from one of the founders; Powdermonkey71

  • If you were at all concerned about social distancing or the possibility of exposure I would avoid the Arrowhead travel plaza in La Grand, OR.  No masks and a mass of people being stupid.  You know it’s bad when you are on the road and decided NOT to pee there.🙃
  • Resilience Robot

  • Astronaut 
  • The Thunderbird opened on September 2, 1948, with 79 hotel rooms, a casino, and a bar. The Thunderbird was the fourth resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip. 1n 1976 it was renamed the Silverbird. Subsequently, the site has been suggested for numerous failed projects. The Thunderbird has the distinction of being the resort where singer Rosemary Clooney made her first appearance in Las Vegas in 1951, and where Judy Garland made her final Las Vegas appearance in 1965. 

And here’s some instagram from another founder; Bedlamite23

  • Random shot.
  • I thought I posted this before we left, guess not. This was my Covid19 lockdown project. The Puppet. I made everything Cept the eyeballs (which I can now make myself btw)
  • Happy 23Day! For my 23Day project. I just signed a lease on our second location. FORT BEDLAM will open this fall in LAS VEGAS. You may start screaming now.
  • Why are you not watching this? Even if you don’t like magic. Piff the magic dragon on YouTube

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