What is this place?

What you make it.

Well what we’re about right now is, getting this web page put back together…nothing more dangerous to a website than a dabbler you know…

You may be exposed to some non “bedlamy” stuff if you poke around too much, but it’s coming together, stay tooned.

Bedlam is a coffee house in as true a sense as we can muster, a throw back to early 80’s Seattle, a nod back to 1400’s Vienna, and a look back at 50’s Village cool.


Here’s some instagram from one of the founders; Powdermonkey71

  • Remember May 22 is World Goth Day!
  • Oops I posted the wrong picture...ick..
THIS is my fun goofy mega sloth

  • Just a fun goofy mega sloth

  • One of the things that intrigued me when watching the Umbrella Academy were some of the filming locations.  In particular was the Meritech Prosthetics building with its strange alchemy symbols.  Turns out its a real place--the Department of Chemistry building at the University of Toronto.  This of course led me to making a bunch of alchemy t shirt designs.



And here’s some instagram from another founder; Bedlamite23

  • Eat it Bitches! I just met my all time favorite drag queen in person and was too star struck to tell her that! #drooling fool #katyazamolodchikova SWOOON
  • And then there were five (+imposter) #apofrogs welcome to the family Moony #yearofthepig
  • Somebody went a little crazy with the gear stickers eh?
  • Cute little chrome bellied frog joins his cousins. #apofrogs #twelvedot Keep em comin’

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