Let’s talk about Milk.

BY Mason Wilder, OCT 14TH 2017

Why do we offer so many alternatives to the regular Whole and Nonfat Milk? Right now in the shop we offer, Soy, Almond, Hemp, and Coconut. With more being considered in the future. Did you know for instance that soon you may be able to order your latte with Oat Milk, Hazelnut Milk, or Cashew Milk?

Let’s run over the milks currently available, and what each one offers you. At Bedlam Coffee we use only 100% Certified Organic milk alternatives. The most popular of those is obviously Soy, everyone knows the benefits of soy milk, aside from its comfortable top spot on the lactose intolerance shelf, there are other reasons to include the occasional soy based drink in your diet.

In short there are two reason why we offer the milk alternatives we offer, first is the customer wants it, more and more people each week make the shift away from dairy. Another reason, the fun reason is we like to try new things, we put things together and see what comes up. Bedlam loves to experiment with flavors, our Rose Mocha for instance, or the super popular MonkeySpice Mocha. So maybe think about a milk alternative as more than just what lactose intolerant people drink, think of it as a new recipe option, and exciting adventure in taste.


We all know the benefits of milk from a cow, the calcium, protein and of course Vitamin D, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Whole milk comes in at about 150 calories per serving and does bring some saturated fat and cholesterol to the table with it, two things many are avoiding. Of course the coffee industry was created with milk in mind, fresh ice-cold whole cow’s  milk, the higher the fat the better being the rule in many of the classic drinks like Latte or Cafe Au Lait. If you’re a dry cappuccino drinker there is no substitute for whole milk in making heaps of super dry milk foam.


Soy milk by contrast is naturally free of saturated fats, and cholesterol and offers an excellent source of Potassium a whopping 220 mg with just an 8 oz serving. Soy milk is an important component of a heart healthy diet for those concerned about heart disease. The brand we favor prides itself on simple ingredients with the best of the Midwest’s Organic farms sourced for their soybeans.

Best Drink ideas for Soy Milk: Anything really, anything you’d normally make with milk you can make with Soy. One possible exception might possibly be the dry cappuccino, without the fat to hold the bubbles up, soy foam is wetter than regular milk foam.


A relative newcomer to the coffeehouse scene is Almond Milk, it’s been around awhile but only recently really established itself. Almond Milk brings much more in the way of flavor and can be an exciting choice even if you’re not looking to cut dairy out of your diet. Not a good source for protein as you might think. In the shop our Almond milk is fully fortified and is a good source of Vitamin A and D. Almond Milk is naturally saturated fat and cholesterol free.

Best Drink ideas for Almond Milk: Some great drink ideas for Almond Milk would be the Mocha family, chocolate and almond have long gone together, and each serve to compliment the other. Almond like soy and the others is a lighter weight milk, if you really want the almond and chocolate flavors to come through we’d suggest Bedlam’s Daylight Roast for drinks made with Almond Milk.


Hemp milk has been around awhile certainly, and to many is an acquired taste. Many adventures say it’s heavenly when blended with Bedlam Masala Chai. For those that enjoy the taste of this seed derived beverage there are some great benefits from its fatty acids, high calcium content, and multitude of other vitamins like D, A and B12.

Best Drink ideas for Hemp Milk: Very little can compete with Hemp Milks flavor, the aforementioned Masala Chai that Bedlam Grinds and mixes in-house is certainly one place where Hemp works well and puts the Chai taste right up front. If you love Chai but don’t want to do milk, this could be a good one for you.


The latest addition to our shelf here in the store is Coconut Milk, like Almond it dramatically impacts the flavor of the end product, turning everything into a coconut something. If you’re already one of the millions of fans of coconut milk, the Coconut Milk Nutella Mocha will blow your mind. There are many nutritional benefits although it lacks any protein, it has only half the calories of Skim milk, and half the fat with no cholesterol. Many companies including the one we stock add Calcium and other vitamins to support the overall nutritional value. But really you drink coconut milk because you love the taste of coconut right?

Best Drink ideas for Coconut Milk: Obviously the Mocha family is going to pair well with Coconut, one surprisingly great pairing is the Bedlam Rose Mocha with Coconut Milk.


The first we want to try will be Oat, yep Oat. Oat Milk may shape up to be the real superhero in the alternative milk game. It’s loaded with vitamins A,C, D, and E. Loaded with Iron and has a whopping 35% of your daily Calcium needs. No Saturated fats, and only 130 calories per 8 oz serving. Oat milk has a mild slightly sweet taste that some say reminds them of Skim Milk.

Best Drink ideas for Oat Milk: Unlike Coconut or Almond, Oat milk won’t dramatically impact the taste of a nonfat latte for example. We’ll suggest pairing it with Bedlam’s Daylight Roast to balance the two light flavors.


We’ll close with a real indulgent way to cut dairy from your diet, made with Organic Oregon Hazelnuts. Hazelnut Milk is gluten-free, cholesterol fee, and has no saturated fats, low in calories and rich rich rich not only in B vitamins including B6 but also in its rich creamy texture with a pronounced hazelnut flavor. It will be a drink unto itself to be sure, we have high hopes for the Hazelnut Latte as a new northwest star in the alternative milk world.

Best Drink ideas for Hazelnut Milk: It will sure be a hit in Mocha and Hot Chocolate but it remains to be seen if we’ll be able to foam it up into cappuccino. Watch for it at Bedlam soon.