What to expect…

by Bedlamite23 Nov 4th 2018

…from this website. Like many things about this coffeehouse, it’ll likely vary from expectations. Not so far as to be unrecognizable tho, we’ll have articles about coffee, special drinks, and the like, but we may also have an article about horror movies, or a story about growing up an actual real life mallrat. We’re gonna add some neighborhood stuff too, reposts of neighborhood announcements we get here at the shop. A “what are we currently listening” to post now and then wouldn’t be weird either. We do also have a house full of creatives that work here and do way more than pull coffee 7 hours a day, so you’ll likely see stuff posted from, and/or about them, their projects, tour dates, etc. Don’t  expect it to all happen overnight, this site has been near dormant for quite some time so it could take a few to get itself worked out. The sign over the door says Bedlam, expect no less. (or, you should allow for a little chaos.)